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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

We are counted amidst the major Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Used in diverse research institutions and laboratories, the Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer is highly acclaimed for its optimum performance. We provide customized Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer, to cater to different client’s requirements. The Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer can be acquired from us at reasonable prices.

  • HAL EQS SIMS Systems
  • Operating modes and example spectra
  • Positive and Negative SIMS spectra
  • High Sensitivity-White triple stage mass filter and high transmission sector field energy filter
  • Raster Control-For enhanced depth profiling capability
  • Positive and Negative Ion Counting-Up to 2 X 107 cps
  • SIMS Software Tuning-For optimum parameter adjustment via a dynamic display
  • Ideal for static and dynamic SIMS applications
  • Ionized species with masses up to 500 amu analyzed
  • An integral electron impact ion source utilized for conventional RGA, leak detection and Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry (SNMS)
  • Employs a high performance triple quadrupole filter and a 45° sector field analyser with DC quadrupole input focusing lens
  • Ions passing through the instrument have simple curved trajectories with virtually 100% transmission within the pass band
  • Full high resolution ion energy analysis capability. Ion counts from 1 to 2 X 107 cps are made from an off axis, low background, high sensitivity detector
  • Detection of both positive and negative secondary ions is essential since both spectra contain important chemical information
  • Positive and negative histogram spectra from an amorphous metallic alloy of the composition CO (79%) B (7%) taken with a primary ion current of 1 nA

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