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Precision Gas Analysis System

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Precision Gas Analysis System

The company is the chief Precision Gas Analysis System Manufacturer and Supplier in India. This Precision Gas Analysis System offers uninterrupted observing production processes and research experiments. The Precision Gas Analysis System is provided by us at the market leading prices.

  • High sensitivity
  • Contamination resistant
  • Fast response inert gas inlet
  • Low sample consumption
  • Extensive Input / Output Process Control
  • High pressure options
  • Compact bench top system
  • Statistical reporting
  • Comprehensive Data Exporting Facilities
  • Operates in the pressure range 10 torr to 2 bar
  • Easy instrumentation provides flexibility, performance & reliability in an extensive range of applications
  • A fast response inlet combined with intelligent trips & instant process views provide for sensitive & reliable monitoring of both reagent & low level gases
  • Operated under the control of Hiden's FASTstart differential pumping system & Windows MASsoft user-friendly software
  • system combines precise, analytical performance with ease of operating - making the HPR-20 ideally suited to both academic & industrial environments
  • Designed for precision gas analysis in a wide range of production & research processes

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